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  • Clutter Control
  • Space planning and organization for every room
  • Home office set-up
  • Closets and pantries
  • Collections and memorabilia
  • Paper file management
  • Organize paperwork and property for Estate planning
  • Organize documents for tax preparation
  • Downsizing and moving assistance — empty-nesters and seniors



What is Home Staging?
It is the art/process of preparing a home for sale or rental so that it sells or rents for the maximum price in the shortest period of time.. The goal is to get the attention of prospective buyers focused on the best features of the home. Staging results in a more neutral, peaceful environment which allows a broader range of prospective buyers to visualize the home as their own with their own personal touches and belongings.

Why Home Stage?
As the saying goes, you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. When it comes time to sell your home, home staging is the best short-term investment you can make.

Research shows that prospective buyers form first impressions of a space within 60-90 seconds. The benefits of a well-staged home vs the competition:

  • it looks better than competing homes
  • photos of staged homes look better in advertising (print and internet)
  • appraisers are more likely to appraise at full value.
  • they sell faster — on average 2.2 times faster(average days on the market) than unstaged homes
  • they sell at a higher price — when price appropriately they average 6% higher in most markets than non-staged properties

Who Hires a Stager?
Typically the seller hires the stager. The best time to stage your home is in advance of selecting a realtor. Once staged, the realtor will be able to recommend pricing your property at a list price which is most likely her in the range in which your property falls.

What is the Staging Process
We do a room-by-room assessment and provide you with a staging plan. You may either implement the plan on your own or hire us to execute some or all of it.
Simple techniques can dramatically improve the appearance of your home

  • declutter
  • rearrange furniture
  • add accessories selectively(flowers, plants, pillows)

What are typical Staging costs?
Think of it as an investment rather than a cost. Prices are quoted per job and range from an Assessment and written proposal to hourly charges for services(some sub-contracted) such as de-cluttering, cleaning, window washing, painting, carpet cleaning and staging.

What can you do to prepare your home for Staging?
Staging your home is both financially and emotionally rewarding however it can be a stressful experience. It is the first step in your moving process and the process of de-cluttering, perhaps eliminating possessions is very emotional.
You must be committed to the process and focus on the end-result: faster sale, higher sales price and a smoother transition to your new home.



  • Organize Desks
  • Paper Flow Management
  • Filing System Set-up and Maintenance
  • Electronic Bill Pay Set-up