• Do you often pay fees for overdue bills or overdraft charges for bounced checks because your checkbook is not balanced?
  • Do you feel stressed because your financial records are not organized?
  • Do you have health and other insurance claims that need to be resolved?

  • Do you worry that your aging parents are having difficulty keeping up with their personal finances?
  • Have you recently lost a spouse and find yourself for the first time responsible for handling all household finances?
  • Has the onset of a serious illness made it difficult for you or a loved one to handle personal finances?
  • Do you frequently travel and dread returning home to stacks of unopened mail and overdue bills?

THEN CONTACT ME to enjoy the benefits of my services as a Daily Money Manager!


  • Avoid late fees by paying bills on time
  • Avoid bounced checks by having your checkbook balanced
  • Reduce stress and give peace of mind for you and your family by having financial records organized for use in tax return preparation or estate planning
  • Promotes independence by assisting clients who are unable to manage their Personal finances or who have never done so but want to and are able to
  • Travel from home knowing that upon your return your mail will be organized and Bills paid
  • If you are not able to personally help your parents or a loved one because of your other family or career obligations or because you don't live close by, you can have peace of mind that their daily financial affairs are in order