Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Daily Money Manager?
Daily Money Managers(DMMs) provide personal business assistance to clients who have difficulty and/or lack the time to managing their personal monetary affairs. We are specialists who help people of all ages manage their financial affairs and are the link between an accountant, financial planner, broker, lawyer and insurance agent.
It is someone who helps clients get and stay organized.

Who benefits from the services of a Daily Money Manager?
Anyone who does not have the time, inclination or ability to efficiently manage their financial affairs.

  • Busy individuals or retirees who would rather spend time doing other things.
  • Adult children of an older person who does not feel they have the time or ability or lives too far away to maintain their parents' affairs.
  • Families/spouses having to sort out a loved one's estate.
  • Senior citizens who need help paying bills.
  • Someone recovering from an illness or after a hospital stay.
  • Divorced persons who need assistance organizing their daily finances.

Can I use my own financial and legal advisors?
A DMM does not take the place of professionals in accounting, investment or social service fields and does not provide legal, financial planning or investment advice(unless he/she has separate professional credentials). We do work closely with your own financial advisors, accountants, attorneys and other advisors by facilitating the completion of the day to day tasks rather than determining long-term plans.

How will I know what bills have been paid?
You are provided a monthly statement showing all bills paid, amounts and dates. Any important information related to your accounts (ie change in credit terms, Interest rates etc.) will be forwarded to you.

When can we meet?
I will work around your schedule and meet when it is most convenient for you including evenings and weekends. You will not have to leave your home or office.

What is your termination policy?
We require a 30-day written notice. This will insure a smooth and orderly transition.